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Contact: Ryan Miller, General Manager

WILMINGTON, N.C. (June 12, 2024) – US MgO Company today announced the launch of the Innovation MgO series of magnesium oxide (MgO) cement sheathing panels. Available for immediate shipment from Wilmington, North Carolina, Innovation MgO panels provide a structural, fire resistive, and durable alternative to wood, gypsum, and Portland cement-based panels used in the construction of commercial and multifamily walls, subfloors, and flooring underlayment nationwide.

Innovation MgO Panels are comprised of a proprietary high-density MgO cement primarily made of inorganic materials with multiple layers of glass fiber mesh for additional structural reinforcement. Panels are manufactured under a rigorous third-party quality control program overseen by ICC-ES with additional quality control procedures performed prior to customer shipment in US MgO Company’s state-of-the art product testing facility located in Leland, North Carolina.

Innovation MgO 1/2” Wall Panels have been evaluated to ASTM E119, E84, and E136 fire testing standards to earn the classification of nonflammable Class A1 fire-resistant materials per 2021 International Building Code (IBC). Panels offer independent 1 and 2-hour fire ratings on a variety of wood and metal stud assemblies, enabling a wealth of insulation, cladding, and water-resistive barrier materials to be used while maintaining code-required 1 and 2-hour fire-rated assemblies.

The launch of Innovation MgO Panels follows decades of research, codes and standards development, and market growth led by US MgO Company’s leadership team and partners.

“While our company and products are new, US MgO Company counts the MgO sheathing panel industry’s foremost experts amongst our staff and partners,” said Ryan Miller, General Manager of US MgO Company. “For too long, commercial and multifamily buildings have relied on wood and gypsum sheathing and wet-poured products that lack the structural, fire, and weatherability performance of MgO sheathing panels. The industry and building owners deserve more innovative products and we’re making them right here in North Carolina.”

In addition to supplying an immediate stock of high quality MgO panels, US MgO Company will soon break ground on a manufacturing facility in Leland, North Carolina that will offer one of the first U.S. made MgO panel products in the country. Prototype manufacturing is already underway with plans for scale production in late 2025.

Distribution and sales support are available through a nationwide network of building products suppliers and sales representatives.

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About Innovation MgO

The Innovation MgO series of sheathing panels includes 1/4” Flex Panels for SIP and SIS products and interior walls, 1/2” Wall Panels for exterior load bearing fire-rated walls and interior fire-rated walls, and 1/2” and 3/4” Subfloor Panels for use in flooring underlayment and structural subfloors. Innovation MgO 1/2” Wall Panels are pending final approval for use in all building types I, II, III, IV, and V per ASTM E136 / IBC 2021. Consult published Innovation MgO assembly requirements and local building codes for fire-rated design requirements.

About US MgO Company

US MgO Company is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality magnesium oxide (MgO) cement sheathing panels catering to the commercial, multifamily, and industrial construction markets in North America. US MgO was established by a team of accomplished building products industry veterans and partners that boast decades of extensive experience in the development, research, and manufacturing of MgO sheathing panels and innovative building products.