Our Company

US MgO Company is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality magnesium oxide (MgO) cement sheathing panels catering to the commercial, multifamily, and industrial construction markets in North America.

US MgO was established by a team of accomplished building products industry veterans and partners that boast decades of extensive experience in the development, research, and manufacturing of MgO sheathing panels and innovative building products.

As seasoned industry experts, we recognize that the advantages of MgO sheathing panels remain relatively unknown within the design and construction communities. To bridge this knowledge gap, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to educating and informing a broader audience about the unique and innovative qualities of this product class.

Our Facilities

US MgO Company is based in Leland, North Carolina, just a few miles from downtown Wilmington, North Carolina and the Port of Wilmington.

Our headquarters facilities includes our office, state-of-the-art product testing facility, research and development lab, and shipping and receiving warehouses.

We’re breaking ground on a brand-new manufacturing facility in 2024 in our hometown of Leland, North Carolina. Follow us on our journey to build one of the nation’s first production MgO sheathing panel manufacturing plants.

Mission & Vision

Our core mission is rooted in innovating the commercial and multifamily design and construction industries through innovative building products, such as Innovation MgO.

We are dedicated to promoting the widespread adoption of MgO sheathing panels in North American construction.

To achieve this goal, we offer an exclusive range of cutting-edge MgO sheathing panel products that raise the bar and set a new standard in the market.


We are dedicated to education, research, and innovation in the construction industry. Launching Innovation MgO is a first step in our work to improve the efficiency and resiliency of the design and construction industries. Our goals over the coming years include:

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing Innovation MgO in a brand-new modern facility in our hometown of Leland, North Carolina. In doing so, we will be one of the first U.S.-based manufacturers of MgO panels.
  • Sourcing: We intend to source all components of our future products from U.S. and North American suppliers.
  • Codes & Standards: We will remain in a leadership position in the building codes and construction product standards setting environment with regard to MgO panels and innovative construction methods.
  • Product Development: We will continue to innovate our existing product lines while introducing new ones that push the construction industry to new and modern methods.
  • Sustainability: Our company is committed to ensuring that our current and future products are sourced, manufactured, used, and eventually disposed of in sustainable and environmentally-friendly manners.
  • Industry Education: We aren’t just here to supply and manufacture building products. We’re construction industry veterans with a passion for educating the current and future workforces of building design and construction.

Magnesium Oxide Building Products Association (MgOBPA)

The Magnesium Oxide Building Products Association (MgOBPA) was formed in 2024 to support the growing industry and provide education opportunities to industry professionals and end users.

US MgO Company is a founding member company of the association and our General Manager, Ryan Miller, serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Learn more about the association’s work to advance MgO building products at www.MgOBPA.org.

Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas

The Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas, represents the interest of merit shop contractors and its employees in the protection and enhancement of the free enterprise system within the construction industry.

ABC members strongly believe in their right to manage their companies and job sites free of coercion and artificial restraints. They also believe that workers should be hired and paid on the basis of individual merit, that contracts should be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, and that the continuation of craft and safety training is the life blood of our industry.

Learn more at https://abccarolinas.org.

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