Transforming North American Construction with MgO Sheathing

US MgO Company, based in North Carolina, is a leading supplier of the highest quality Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheathing products worldwide, catering to the residential, commercial, and industrial construction markets in North America.

Our Purpose

At US MgO, our core mission is rooted in building and material sciences. We are dedicated to promoting the widespread adoption of MgO sheathing in North American construction. To achieve this goal, we offer an exclusive range of cutting-edge MgO sheathing products that are not only highly fire-resistant but also exceptionally durable, setting a new standard in the market.

Fire Resistance


  • Nonflammable Class A1 fire-resistant material
  • Fire performance comparable to gypsum boards
  • No flame spread at 1200°C in ASTM E84 tests
  • Meets ASTM E119 on its own or as part of a fire-rated assembly
  • Will not produce toxic fumes or smoke

Who We Are

US MgO was established by a team of accomplished building and material scientists, boasting extensive experience spanning decades in the development, research, and manufacturing of MgO and conventional sheathing materials. As seasoned industry experts, we recognize that the advantages of MgO remain relatively unknown within the design and construction communities. To bridge this knowledge gap, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to educating and informing a broader audience about the unique and innovative qualities of this product.


MgO sheathing, often overlooked in construction, boasts a centuries-old global legacy in bridges, buildings, and industrial structures. Its standout quality lies in unmatched fire resistance, surpassing materials like OSB, backer board, drywall, and gypsum. This attribute not only enhances its physical properties but also ensures superior fire and damage protection. MgO sheathing is the top choice for interior and exterior wall, floor, and ceiling applications, making it indispensable in construction. 

MgO sheathing stands out for its ability to offer superior and longer-lasting protection against fire and damage when compared to conventional products. In addition to its remarkable fire-resistant properties, MgO sheathing offers a range of benefits, making it an invaluable choice for various construction applications:

Nonflammable Class A1 fire-resistant material

Highly durable and smooth finishing surface

Excellent attachment plane for various cladding materials

Highly effective soundproofing

Inhibits mold and mildew growth, promoting healthy indoor air quality

Safe installation as harmful silicas and other materials are not present

Faster installation than other materials using standard tools and practices

Contact MgO

Contact us for immediate availability of the highest quality MgO sheathing products available in North America.

Office: 855-MGO-4YOU

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