Wall and Subfloor Sheathing Panels for Commercial and Multifamily Buildings


Innovating the Design and Construction of Commercial and Multifamily Buildings

US MgO Company welcomes you to our journey of innovating the ways that commercial and multifamily buildings in North America are designed and constructed. Launching the Innovation MgO series of cement sheathing panels is our first step in this journey. Based on a proprietary formula of the highest-performing magnesium oxide (MgO) cement in the market, Innovation MgO sheathing panels boast industry-leading structural strength, durability, fire resistance, and ease of installation.

Innovation MgO 1/2” Wall Panels

Developed with installation speed and versatility in mind, Innovation MgO 1/2″ Wall Panels are pending final approval for use in all building types I, II, III, IV, & V and many interior and exterior applications including fire-rated walls and ceilings. This unique trait differentiates our product from traditional fire-retardant-treated wood (FRTW) sheets, gypsum panels, and Portland cement-based panels where fire resistance and structural requirements vary.

Innovation MgO panels are noncombustible class A1 materials offering 1 and 2-hour fire ratings without the addition of any other materials such as tapes and sealants on the panels, which many exterior gypsum panels require to obtain equivalent fire ratings. This fire resistance, combined with flexural strength and dimensional stability, enables project teams to design and build faster and better. These benefits originate from many years of research and development and the most rigorous third-party testing for fire resistance and technical performance.

Fire-Rated Wall Panels for All Building Types and Many Applications

Benefits: More Than Just Fire Resistance

The Innovation MgO Series of products offers structurally strong and versatile wall and subfloor sheathing panels for use in all building types. High-density cement panels provide superior and longer-lasting protection against fire and water when compared to conventional products. Innovation MgO panels replace traditional wood and FRTW sheets, gypsum panels, and Portland cement-based panels in many interior and exterior applications.

Panels are made from non-toxic MgO cement with layers of fiberglass mesh for added reinforcement and performance. Innovation MgO panels are easy to cut using traditional tools and methods and require no specialized PPE.


Distributors: Innovation MgO is available in all 50 U.S. states through our nationwide network of Distributors serving all building types. Distributors provide hands-on specification, sales, and logistical support to ensure our Customers receive their products when and where they need them. Contact your local Distributor to request our products. Not there yet? Contact us for assistance.

Sales Representatives: Specialized Sales Representatives are available in markets nationwide to assist with specifications, pricing, educational presentations, and much more. Contact your area Sales Representative for assistance. Not there yet? Contact us for assistance.

Samples: Product samples are available in as little as a week from Distributors, Sales Representatives, and our Wilmington, North Carolina headquarters. Fill out our short form to request a sample.


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