Replaces Interior & Exterior Gypsum

Innovation MgO Flex Panels offer unique characteristics that traditional gypsum cannot match in both exterior and interior applications.

Unlike gypsum-based panels, Innovation MgO Flex Panels offer lasting durability from damages and scratches and can be installed in all weather conditions, including when installing interior walls without a roof system in place. Innovation MgO Flex Panels offer better fastener pull-out strength as well, making them an ideal attachment base for many types of claddings in exterior use.

For interior use, Innovation MgO Flex Panels can be treated much the same as interior gypsum for finishing, making them ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways and breezeways that are prone to damage and deterioration. Ceilings are another ideal use for these panels as they provide lasting durability and fire resistance.


Innovation MgO Flex Panels provide fire resistance and structural strength in a lightweight panel for use in exterior and interior walls.

Panels are an ideal replacement for interior gypsum in areas of high traffic – such as hallways or breezeways.

In exterior applications, Innovation MgO Flex Panels are protective fire-resistive covers in areas that can benefit from a lasting, structural panel.

SIP and SIS panel products are also an ideal use for these panels as they contribute both fire resistance and structural strength while enabling reliable and lasting attachment of WRBs and claddings during finishing.



Nominal 1/4" (~6mm)


4’ x 8’ standard
4’ x 10’ special order
4’ x 12’ special order


± 40 lbs (1.3 psf) standard


Interior & Exterior Walls & Ceilings
SIP & SIS Panel Products


Flat with square edges

Innovative Applications

High traffic area walls such as stairwells, elevator banks, and warehouse interior walls. Also SIP and SIS panel products.

Innovating the Construction Industry

Incorporating Innovation MgO Flex Panels (as well as Innovation MgO Wall Panels) as the interior and exterior sheathing layers of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Structural Insulated Sheathing (SIS) panel products provides a wealth of benefits that are simply not available with wood and gypsum-based products.

Unlike the alternatives, Innovation MgO Flex Panels provide industry-leading fire resistance, structural strength, and methods for attachment. Panels are easily adhered to nearly all forms of insulation including expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), mineral wool, fiberglass batt, polyurethane foam, and more. Additionally, the MgO panel surface is an ideal attachment plane for tapes, sealants, WRBs, and claddings. In many cases, Innovation MgO Flex Panels provide a more durable, lasting, and weather-resistant attachment base than alternative materials.

Contact us to learn about options for incorporating Innovation MgO Flex Panels into your SIP or SIS project or product.

Innovation MgO 1/4" Flex Panels vs. Traditional Products

Install In All Weather Conditions

Innovation MgO Flex Panels will not degrade or deteriorate like wood and gypsum-based products when encountering rain, weather, and high traffic conditions common on a job site. As such, project teams can plan for interior walls to be built prior to the roof or floor above being completed – the weather won’t damage our panels, unlike wood and gypsum-based products. Additionally, panels are highly resistant to biological degradation, significantly reducing any opportunity for fungal growth or termites to damage panels and/or impact occupants.

Durability in High Traffic Areas

Innovation MgO Flex Panels resist damage from scratches, impacts, punctures, liquids, and more in high traffic areas. Panels are an ideal option for areas that may incur damage from people, vehicles, or equipment.

Enable Fire-Resistant SIP/SIS Panels

Innovation MgO Flex Panels contribute fire resistance to SIP and SIS panel products that are unavailable with wood and gypsum-based products.

Pricing & Availability

Contact us for pricing on 1/4″ (~6mm) Flex Panels. Visit our Resources page for more information including installation, technical, and sales literature.

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